Decline in insect numbers

Sir, – Further to "Insect extinction threatens 'catastrophic collapse' of ecosystems" (News, February 11th), US president Lyndon B Johnson's wife, Lady Bird (how apt), was instrumental in having the Highways Beautification Act passed in 1965, which led directly to vast swathes of countryside and land along American highways being conserved and planted with trees and wildflowers. The result was a measurable improvement in the outlook for flora and fauna, not least the bees and other insects so vital to the future of the Earth and its population.

It is a no-brainer to say that we have an individual responsibility to hand on our planet to our children and grandchildren in a better condition than we have managed so far.

The secret of success is to recognise that it is the younger generation who are best qualified to take on that role – starting now. – Yours, etc,



Dún Laoghaire ,

Co Dublin.