Taxing car experience


A chara, – Your article “Used car imports hit record high of 92,500 last year” (January 13th) refers to a delay in the alignment between the registration and taxing of imported cars.

I may be able to shed further light on the extent of this delay. I bought a car, paid the vehicle registration tax (VRT) and imported the car with fresh Louth number plates from Northern Ireland in August 2017.

Five months later and I have still not received my vehicle registration certificate from the relevant authorities in Shannon, Co Clare. I am therefore unable to tax my vehicle. Nor can I park my car in a public place for fear of the ever-zealous traffic wardens, who are so keen to issue me with the appropriate fine and penalties. My numerous phone-calls and emails to Shannon to enquire on the status of my car’s documentation remain unanswered.

I now know how Apple feels. The State, apparently, does not want our money. – Is mise,



Co Louth.