Cycling between the lines


Sir, – I am intrigued by the number of complaints from cyclists about their difficulty negotiating the new tramlines.

When I first came to Dublin in the mid-1950s there were tramlines on practically every street and there were many more cyclists. I did get my wheel caught in a tram track once and took a tumble. However, I put that down to my own stupidity and it never occurred to me to blame either Dublin Corporation or the (then defunct) tram company. Thereafter, I took care to watch where I was going.

The cyclists in cities such as Dublin, Sheffield and Edinburgh seem to feature in your letters page as being at risk. I understand that trams have only recently been reintroduced in these cities. I haven’t seen any mention of Amsterdam or Copenhagen where trams were never discarded.

Could it be that cyclists just need to get used to trams, take a little more responsibility for their own safety and keep their eyes open? – Yours, etc,



Dublin 14.