Why did the atheist go to Mass?


Sir, – I am friendly with a number of atheists, and indeed humanists. Now as I value their friendship, I do not group them together. However what they do have in common is that they sometimes attend Mass. For those of us who attend Mass every day, while there are many reasons for doing so, it might be argued that there are a few core reasons that we unite on.

We go to Mass every day to say sorry to God and each other for the mess, great or small, that we have made. We are fed on the Word of God and then we are fed on the Body of Christ. Finally we go out slightly changed, slightly better, to be Christ in the world.

At some level, albeit a subconscious one, my non-believing friends are inextricably drawn to this, though of course, as yet, they deny the source. – Yours, etc,


Ballyfermot , Dublin 10.