Countess of Avon


Sir, – I refer to comments by Hugo Vickers (Letters, November 23rd) about my obituary of the Countess of Avon.

In 2003, I tape-recorded interviews with Clarissa, Countess of Avon. Transcribed, they run to 40 A4 pages, most of which I have not used in any of my books during her lifetime.

There are therefore no “misconceptions” in my obituary published in The Irish Times on November 16th. I would point out to Mr Vickers that Clarissa gave her memoirs – not to him – but to Cate Haste (Clarissa Eden: A Memoir, From Churchill To Eden, Orion, 2007).

With reference to my quote “Eat drink and be merry”, it is taken from the Bible, and spoken by the clergy in church services. I don’t think they would take too kindly to the words of the Bible being treated as “risible”, ie to be laughed at.

– Yours, etc,