Air pollution from traffic


Sir, – A city street filled with stationary traffic with engines idling quickly becomes more polluted than if that traffic was moving.

Many European cities have computer-controlled traffic light networks to maintain movement with minimum queuing at red lights while at the same time satisfactorily catering for higher numbers of cyclists than Dublin sees.

Surely it’s time to draw on the vast experience accrued in Europe and install such systems to clean up air quality in our city streets.

Another continental system that should be assessed for possible implementation here is barrier down-time at level crossings on the Dart.

Considerably busier suburban rail services in Europe operate with barrier down times between a third and a half less than here and have been safely doing so for decades. This would be of huge benefit to residents and users of roads leading to level crossings where queues of 40 or more cars, vans and trucks are common.

– Yours, etc,



Dublin 4.