Continental prices and values


Sir, – Philip Gleeson (September 10th) wonders when we will have a free market so “Irish people can price their mortgages, loans and insurance needs across Europe”.

Surely that will happen soon after a Dutch judge can order the repossession of a house because borrower has failed to repay the Dutch lender?

I wonder what German judges will think of a seven-year-old claimant demanding that Allianz pay a five-figure settlement because of a minor scar suffered while horse-playing in a playground?

I’m sure even the most sober Bavarian judge will smile at the more ludicrous awards handed out by our giddy, out-of-touch judiciary.

Looking down at my keyboard I notice a scar on my finger suffered in a preventable accident while in primary school; little did I know then but today it is worth the equivalent of at least a modest hatchback car, or perhaps an SUV, depending of course on the mood of the particular judge assigned on the day! – Yours, etc,



Co Dublin.