Contemplating Irish unity


A chara, – Gerry Moriarty (“Brexit lights touchpaper for next political firestorm – Irish unity”, Analysis, April 23rd) discusses economic questions regarding Irish unity and then compares housing and living costs between Belfast and Dublin.

However, this is a bit like comparing housing and living costs in Liverpool with London and being surprised to find the latter more expensive. A more appropriate comparator for Belfast, in terms of population size and economic development, would be Cork rather than Dublin. Both are the main cities in their region but cannot compare to Dublin in terms of being an international capital with population, infrastructure, employment and income levels dwarfing the rest of the country.

In some cases we may have to accept that certain indices may not be directly comparable. – Is mise,



Sir, – Let’s be honest about it. Unionists will soon be celebrating 100 years of partition and separate statehood. That is the measure and magnitude of the divide between us.

To use David Trimble’s word, it is an “irreconcilable” divide. – Yours, etc,