Computer coding in primary schools

A chara, – Before the Minister for Education embarks on another information and communications technology (ICT) initiative for schools, he should revisit The Report of the Minister's strategy Group 2008-2013 and the department inspectorate's ICT in Schools report of 2008 ("Bruton wants lessons in coding for primary school pupils", July 18th). These documents refer to the provision and management of ICT facilities in schools. They also refer to planning and developing strategies to encourage greater use of technology among teachers.

The department has invested a vast amount of money in technology in schools over the past 10 years. However, daily maintenance, replacement of old stock, internet access and repair issues have been a constant challenge in schools.

Until every school has reliable broadband, a realistic annual maintenance budget and access to technical support, coding may be as much of a pipe-dream as many of the admirable aspirations of these and many other reports. – Is mise,



Dunsany, Co Meath.