Closure of service for abused children


A chara, –With the closure of the State’s only 24-hour treatment service for children who have been sexually assaulted (News, January 4th), have we learned anything from the dark cloud in our history of our treatment of children and especially child abuse?

The closing of this facility means there is a frightening gap of services for those most vulnerable, given that only those aged 14 and older can avail of support, examination and treatment at adult sexual assault and treatment units. What then is to happen to those who are younger?

Over the last few years we have been confronted with the reality of the abuse of women and children in schools, laundries and homes; we have read the countless reports and recommendations; we have listened to the apologies of politicians; and we have heard the collective utterances of “Never again”.

We are supposed to be a civilised society but it seems our history continues to reflect our present. – Yours, etc,


Dublin 4.