Chasing cars – a dog’s life


Sir, – I very much enjoyed Frank McNally’s Irishman’s Diary (March 29th) on the phenomenon of Irish dogs chasing cars. I can reliably inform Frank that this canine campaign continued at least into the 1980s, when my Wicklow collie Dougal soldiered nobly for the cause.

I note Frank never witnessed a dog injured in action, but Dougal unfortunately lucked out as a mere pup and fell on the field of battle. As the vet administered the last rites, my mother pleaded for a Plan B. Thus was his right foreleg amputated.

Dougal could have taken the easy way out and remained invalided at home, but he still believed this was a cause worth fighting for. Possibly lulling the local cars into a false state of security, he continued his campaign on the three remaining legs, in my seven-year-old eyes just as fast as he had been on four.

In time he found another cause worthy of pursuit – I came home from school one day and inquired of his notable absence. He had found love, I was reliably informed by my father, and had run away to get married. What a soldier! – Yours, etc.


Blackrock, Co Dublin.

Sir, – Frank McNally’s wonderful Irishman’s Diary on the car-chasing border collie of his childhood in Monaghan, reminded me of being chased by a dog on a bike many years ago. We took the bike off him and it never happened again. – Yours, etc,


Dundalk, Co Louth.