Quoting scripture for Good Friday


Sir, – Many sincere Christians lament alcohol being sold today, Good Friday. For those of your readers who profess the Christian faith, permit me to share some apposite and instructive words from the Apostle Paul.

While drunkenness itself is a sin (Eph 5:18), followers of Jesus of Nazareth are free to eat/drink anything they choose on any day, including Good Friday (Rom 14:5-6). Moreover, we Christians are not to suffer anyone challenging our dietary choices; “Let no-one judge you by what you eat or drink, or regarding an annual holy day” (Col 2:16). It’s about Christian liberty.

In my own house it’s customary to serve roast lamb on Good Friday – owing to the strong religious symbolism of that animal (Isa 53:7, John 1:29, Rev 7:17). Yet I’d never dream of force-feeding lamb into any visitor who abstains from meat, lest I’d “wound their weak conscience” (1 Cor 8:12). It’s about mutual respect.

Christians ought to be Easter Sunday people in a Good Friday world. We pray “Thy kingdom come”. When Christ returns to establish that kingdom upon the earth, it will be “not a matter of what we eat or drink but of justice, peace and joy” (Rom 14:17). And if there are three things out for which our world desperately cries this Easter they’re justice, peace and joy. – Yours, etc,


Leopardstown, Dublin 18.