Chaos, division and disorder


A chara, – Cllr John Mullen’s letter (“Political populism”, October 5th) is a little confused. The cause of our current “chaos, division and disorder” is the Government, which his party leads. Some 8,000 Leaving Cert students wrongly graded, closure of Expressway bus routes, lack of intensive-care unit capacity, dramatic cuts to the pandemic unemployment payment and temporary wage subsidy scheme payments, stripping renters of much-needed protections while failing to deliver any affordable housing. It is the chaos and disorder of Government policy that are generating palpable anger among ever greater numbers of people. Meanwhile division is being sown within and between the parties in Government with constant sniping and counter-briefing in the press. Is is any wonder that Fianna Fáil is trailing in the polls. – Is mise,


Dáil Éireann,

Leinster House,

Kildare Street,

Dublin 2.