Car parking at Luas stations


Sir, – I was interested in Conor Pope’s article “A litany of parking errors” in The Irish Times (September 4th), in which a correspondent complained of how his car was clamped in the Luas carpark at Stillorgan because he inadvertently entered the letter “O” instead of a zero when inputting his car registration number in the parking machine.

I too suffered the same fate but received only a partial refund of the fine of €80 on appeal to NCPS.

In recent months Luas has removed the previous stand-alone parking meters, and parking is now paid for through the ticketing machine on the platform.

This has a touch-screen that is very sensitive and it is very easy to make a mistake when inputting the car registration number, particularly when commuters are queuing up and anxious to print travel tickets.

In my view, it would be much more sensible to provide a simple “pay and display” car parking system in the Luas carparks, which would obviate the need to input car registration numbers and would lessen the queues at the travel ticketing machines. – Yours, etc,



Co Wicklow.