Breastfeeding in the Dáil

Sir, – So now women are allowed to breastfeed in the Dáil chamber. Wow. Since when do women need the consent of anyone to breastfeed? To be fair, what did the questioner expect when asking the Ceann Comhairle the question? That he would say no? Unlikely!

Now, having reared seven children, I always believed that breastfeeding was a very personal, intimate, bonding and joyful act between a mother and her baby. The idea that this must be paraded in public for the “sisterhood” is ludicrous. Women in the Dáil should certainly be given the same maternity leave as any other woman. But when they return, surely they can find a quiet corner (maybe half an hour at a time) to be close to their new babies. Given that the chamber is often almost empty, as you will see if you tune in to the TV broadcasts, I don’t see the reason for breastfeeding in the chamber.

Women, get a grip and work towards equality, and don’t look for ridiculous, frivolous concessions. Should we now expect the checkout woman in SuperValu to be breastfeeding while she checks out my goods, or a woman bus driver, driving a bus from Cork to Dublin? – Yours, etc,




Co Cork.