Sunny disposition


A chara, – It’s one of those summers where the RTÉ weather forecast is beginning to sound like a cross between bereavement counselling and a therapy session. I look out the window, and pearly tears roll off the soaked cheeks of clothes pegs that have been made redundant by the rain. The sky turns like the slow tumble of a drier packed with grey sheets. I can almost hear the deck chair, that’s been stretched out for days waiting for the sun, mumble a decade of the rosary as the rest of the Kimmage garden furniture shuffles off, collars turned up against the weather, down to the local to wake the sun. The rusting BBQ set will sing a lament, and I’ll comfort the Aldi gazebo, buy a round for the lawnmowers, wrap my arms around the bouncy castles and raise a glass to memories of bright mornings! – Is mise,


Dublin 12.

Sir, – I note that your property supplement (June 13th) is advising what bed coverings we should be rushing out to buy to help us cope with our “sultry summer nights”. Do you know something the weather forecasters don’t? – Yours, etc,



Dublin 6W.

Sir, – Can someone confirm that water restrictions are definitely no longer in place? – Yours, etc,



Dublin 16.