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A chara, – I enjoyed Noel Costello’s Irishman’s Diary (July 6th) about the closure 25 years ago of the Irish Press Group and the colourful days at Burgh Quay.

My late father, Sean Ó Conaill, was a sub-editor for the Evening and Sunday Press. One of the stories he told was of how, following the takeover by Ingersoll PLC, the buoyed-up son of the owner advised the editorial staff at a meeting that they need not worry, their annual fortnight’s vacation was safe. The staff was already on a reduced four-day week and little did he know, coming from the US, the reality that Irish annual leave was considerably longer than a fortnight. Probably the first of the many misunderstandings that were to follow. – Is mise,




Co Laois.

Sir, – Noel Costello’s Irishman’s Diary brought me back to my childhood in the 1960s and my introduction to newspapers. They were essential reading, whether it was following the goings-on in the Dagwood and Blondie home in the Irish Press or seeing whether Angela McNamara in her Sunday Press column could enlighten me as to the mysteries of human reproduction. There were few enough distractions in those days.

In fourth class (we went home for lunch), my practice was to return to school with the paper so that my much-loved teacher, a religious sister, could borrow it for an hour or so.

Thank you for the memories. – Yours, etc,


Dublin 15.