AstraZeneca vaccines


Sir, – The advice from the State’s main immunisation expert, Prof Karina Butler, that vaccine recipients of the AstraZenica vaccine should not “hold off” getting their second dose is misdirected (“AstraZeneca vaccine recipients warned not to hold off on second dose amid Delta variant”, News, June 16th).The vast majority of recipients of any vaccine that requires a second dose would be more than willing to attend a vaccination centre in the middle of the night if needs be to get their second dose.

What seems to be the problem here is the unforgivable slowness of the National Immunisation Centre in agreeing to change the rules around the gap between the doses and its refusal to allow the mixing of vaccines between the first and second doses, as other countries have done. Don’t ruin a quality job through overly conservative approaches and ignoring the most vulnerable age categories. – Yours, etc,



Dublin 11.