An inspirational sculpture


Sir, – What a great gesture by Dublin City University to commission a Sandra Bell sculpture on behalf of teachers in Irish society (Julien Behal photograph, page 4, August 22nd). Míle buíochas dóibh! I’ve been a teacher and principal for most of my adult life and I’m delighted we have a beautiful image dedicated to us, the educators of Ireland’s children.

Sandra Bell’s work always hits the nail on the head. Her Rhythm and Rhyme sculpture sited in Earl Street, Dundalk is an enlargement of the sculpture presented to President Bill Clinton and his family when they visited the area in December 2002, just four years after the Belfast Agreement. In his speech when presented with the sculpture he said: “I can tell you nothing – nothing – will compare to the gift Ireland gives to the World if you make peace here permanent. You can give people all over the world desperately needed hope and proof that peace can prevail; that the past is history, not destiny. That is what I came to ask you to redouble your efforts to do.” His speech was a reference mainly to extremists parliamentary groups – that they should join up and not wreck hopes.

Let us try to make this sentiment a reality and not just a sculpture. No one in the world has a right to interfere with people’s peace. A simple message I know, but any fool will know that borders in countries just don’t work.

Sandra Bell’s new sculpture Teachers Inspire is aptly titled – how about another creative work in the Bell pipeline that might merit the title Global Politicians Inspire? – Yours etc,


Howth, Co Dublin.