Accommodation for travellers


Sir, - The accommodation for Travellers is, as everybody can see, at crisis point in the Tallaght and South Dublin area. Temporary and permanent halting sites are urgently needed, and particularly for families who have been part of the local communities for generations and whose children attend local schools.

Dozens of families are living on the roadside in Tallaght and Clondalkin and have no access to water, toilets or garbage collections. Scores of children are living in appalling conditions that we should all be ashamed of.

The proposed site at Kilsaran ("Travellers to spend Christmas on road after objections to halting site", The Irish Times, December 19th), if adequate barriers are put in to ensure the safety of children living there, seems to be a good location. Protesters at the Glenfield roundabout are being a little disingenuous in their "Save our Green Spaces" slogan. This small area, adjacent to a cement factory, is not accessible for the general public.

There are many of us local residents who support the provision of properly serviced emergency and permanent accommodation for Travellers in our areas. - Yours, etc.,

Anne McCluskey, Avonbeg Park, Tallaght, Co Dublin.