A kidnapping in the War of Independence


Sir, – Ruth Wheeler’s letter (June 18th) about the kidnapping of her grandfather, Brigadier General Lucas, around this time 100 years ago during the War of Independence reminded me of some family lore.

When the general was captured in north Cork by an IRA unit under Liam Lynch, he was transferred to the custody of the West Limerick Flying Column for safekeeping and was kept in my paternal grandfather’s home in Templeglantine for a period of time. While there he was well treated, played cards with his captors and enjoyed a glass of whiskey with them.

In a memoir my late father, Con Sheehan, wrote about his own father many years ago, he quoted the general’s description of his treatment in captivity: “I was treated like a gentleman by gentlemen.”

Ms Wheeler is to be congratulated for setting up a website to publish the letters her grandfather sent to her grandmother while in captivity as well as other relevant material. I look forward very much to reading the letters. – Yours, etc,


Ranelagh, Dublin 6.