MEPs need to get on their bikes

The wheel deal

Letters to the Editor. Illustration: Paul Scott
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Sir, – I would like to congratulate Regina Doherty as well as the other recently elected MEPs across Europe. We’re probably in for some interesting years ahead in terms of European politics, so we need decent MEPs with clear heads to represent us all in the European Parliament.

In saying that, following on from Regina Doherty’s recent comments about Dublin being a “spaghetti junction of cycle lanes” (News, June 3rd), she may be interested to know that the city of Strasbourg, home of the European Parliament, promotes itself as the cycling capital of France. It is a beautiful city and I hope that she will take the opportunity to explore the city by bicycle to get a better understanding as to why cities such as Dublin should be doing more to promote active travel options to help reduce the need to use motor vehicles in already congested cities. – Yours, etc,