Traffic-light cameras and Border regions

Use of UK-registered vehicles is widespread in Border counties

Letters to the Editor. Illustration: Paul Scott

Sir, – Minister for Transport Eamon Ryan should be made aware of a deficiency in his strategy when it comes to rolling out cameras in the “Wild West” of Ireland (“Traffic-light cameras will be installed nationwide by next year”, News, April 16th).

The illegal use of UK-registered vehicles is widespread in the Border counties. Using a relative’s address in Derry, for example, makes them cheaper to tax and insure.

Since neither traffic authority has access to the registration records of the other, speed and traffic light cameras are unenforceable when these vehicles are operating in the Republic.

The reverse is also true when I drive my car with “Southern plates” in the North (though I never break the law).


The issue, of course, doesn’t apply in Dublin, which is presumably why the Minister and his fellow urban Greens haven’t thought about it. – Is mise,



Co Donegal.