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Alternatives to the car

Sir, – Michael McDowell claims that public transport or cycling is not a realistic option for most people (“Car use is not simply the prerogative of the odious and hysterical middle class”, Opinion & Analysis, March 29th).

While for some this is undoubtedly true, for many others, especially in Dublin, there are real alternatives to the car, but they’re not being taken.

I’d give the example of the coastal corridor from the southside to city centre where we have some of best public transport in Ireland. Despite this, we still see vehicles, mostly single-occupancy cars, sitting in traffic on the Blackrock and Stillorgan road every rush-hour. Given the transport options on this route, with Dart, quality bus corridors and an improving cycling network, it’s hard to believe that many of these people can’t leave the car at home and choose an alternative means of travel, at least some of the time.

Instead of adding fuel to the fire of the culture wars, he might acknowledge the improving bus and cycling network, particularly in Dublin, and perhaps try leaving the car at home and taking the bus or bike. He might even tell us how he gets on. – Yours, etc,




Co Dublin.

Sir, – Una Mullally states unequivocally that cars have to go (Opinion & Analysis, March 27th). She is right – they would be of no use if they couldn’t go! – Yours, etc,



Dublin 18.