Renewable biomethane gas and the energy network

Construction of a large-scale renewable gas injection facility

Sir, – The claim that renewable gas “does not yet exist” in Ireland is incorrect (“Why we can’t afford to let the national retrofit plan fail”, Opinion & Analysis, January 26th).

Renewable biomethane gas has been transported on the Irish gas network since 2019. The biogas enters the gas network via a dedicated injection point at Cush, Co Kildare. The renewable biomethane gas is created through a process known as anaerobic digestion during which organic materials, such as food waste, animal slurry and energy crops are broken down. Gas Networks Ireland will begin construction of a large-scale renewable gas injection facility in Mitchelstown, Co Cork, later this year, as part of the €30 million Green Renewable Agricultural Zero Emissions (Graze) project, supported by the Department of Environment, Climate and Communications’ (DECC) Climate Action Fund. Gas Networks Ireland, as the gas network system operator, is working toward the delivery of the Government’s target of 10 per cent of Ireland’s gas to be renewable by 2030, in line with RePower EU, and the ambition to be net zero by 2050. – Yours, etc,




Programme Manager,

Gas Networks Ireland,