Renewable energy sources

Global conflicts of interest at play in the energy sector

Sir, – Scientists agree that the transition to renewable energy sources from fossil fuels must be rapid to avoid catastrophic climate change.

News that ExxonMobil covered up its knowledge from the 1970s regarding its accurate predictions of climate change due to global warming from carbon emissions makes one sceptical that the oil and gas industry has meaningfully engaged in the struggle to decarbonise the energy system. Neither does the announcement “Abu Dhabi oil chief executive appointed president of Cop28″ (World, January 13th) inspire confidence that a notable change in policy on emissions reduction is imminent. The delusion that pumping oil and reducing emissions at the same time was revealed at the Cop27 climate summit when the participation of oil and gas company lobbyists blocked a drive to drastically phase down the use of fossil fuels. People who object to the erection of renewable energy infrastructure such as offshore wind developments kilometres out at sea or to solar energy farms should remind themselves of the urgency needed to overcome the global conflicts of interest at play in the energy sector and to mitigate the already harmful effects of climate change. – Yours, etc,




Co Mayo.