Brexit: EU prepared to accept two customs territories on island of Ireland

Stormont veto and customs pose obstacles as EU expects extension and general election

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has said that if Great Britain were to request an extension to its Brexit deadline he would consider it, adding that an extension would be preferable to the UK crashing out of the European Union. Video: Reuters

After a fleeting surge of optimism on Thursday, when MPs from both wings of the Conservative party lined up to back it, Boris Johnson’s Brexit proposal looked on Friday as if it was heading for destruction. The immediate response from senior European Union figures was dismissive, describing the proposals as unworkable and inadequate as the basis for serious negotiations.

Although a deal before the European Council on October 17th is unlikely, it is not impossible if the prime minister is willing to take some bold steps that carry a political risk but do not cross his own red lines.

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