Zarqawi's group claims attacks on Iraq polls


The Iraqi wing of al Qaeda said it was behind suicide attacks on several polling stations during Iraq's landmark elections today, according to an Internet statement.

"Lions from the martyrs' brigade of the Al Qaeda Organisation for Holy War in Iraq attacked several polling stations in Baghdad and elsewhere," said the statement posted on an Islamist Web site from the group which is led by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, al Qaeda's leader in Iraq.

"They killed policemen, National Guard, Americans and inflicted wounds on the enemy," the statement said.

Zarqawi, whose group has claimed some of the bloodiest attacks in Iraq, last week declared all-out war on the elections.

The Jordanian militant is the United States' number one enemy in Iraq.

Sunni rebels have intensified their suicide bombings and killings of Iraqi officials in a bid to disrupt the multi-party election.