Police seek couple after baby in buggy blown onto Tube tracks

CCTV video shows mother rescuing child moments before train arrived

A terrifying moment for any parent was caught on CCTV, as a gust of wind blew a baby in a buggy off a London Underground platform and onto the train tracks. Video: Reuters


Police are attempting to trace the couple involved in an incident in which a child in a buggy was blown onto Tube tracks in London moments before a train arrived.

The CCTV images released by British Transport Police (BTP) show the child’s mother going on to the tracks to carry baby and buggy to safety.

Moments before, the man with the mother had left the buggy at the bottom of the stairs at Goodge Street station in north London while the couple went to assist other family members.

But a strong gust of wind blew the unattended buggy carrying the child on to the tracks with an incoming train moments away from arriving.

The buggy can be seen rolling towards the tracks. After realising what had happened, the child’s panic-stricken mother rushed on to the tracks to carry the baby and the pushchair back on to the platform.

Police are now attempting to trace the couple involved in the incident on the evening of July 23rd to ensure the child did not suffer any injuries.

“This was a frightening incident, not just for the scale of the danger the child was exposed to, but also because the woman then put her own life on the line by going on to the tracks,” BTP chief inspector Mark Lawrie said.

“We urgently need to identify the people involved to ensure the child wasn’t injured as a result of the fall on to the tracks,” he said.

“I have taken the step of releasing CCTV of the people involved to highlight the very real concern we have for all involved,” he added.

In the wake of the incident, BTP has warned the public to be aware of busy platforms and gusts of wind which can blow through tunnels.