Brexit: NI polls show preference to remain in EU

Gap closing slightly as undecideds begin to lean towards exit

Information about the voting intentions of Northern Ireland voters in the upcoming EU referendum is scarce. Most major UK polling companies do not include a sample of Northern Ireland voters. The polls below, however, reveal that since August 2015, there has been a slight drop in support among Northern Ireland voters for remaining in the EU, although a majority favour staying in. The number of undecideds has reduced considerably over time and shifted in favour of leaving the EU.

Belfast Telegraph BIG100 Online Poll, February 22nd, 2016

Remain: 55.07% Leave: 29.44% Undecided: 14.93%

Belfast Telegraph BIG60 Online Poll, November 6th, 2015


Remain: 56.48% Leave: 28.34% Undecided: 15.18%

Behaviour and Attitudes (RTE and BBC Northern Ireland), October, 16th, 2015

Remain: 55% Leave: 13% Undecided: 32%

Danske Bank Poll, August 5th, 2015

Remain: 58% Leave: 16% Undecided: 26%