Voting for Europe: Previous referendums


Accession to the European Communities: May 10th, 1972

Yes: 83%

No: 17%


Allowed the State to become a member of the EEC

The Single European Act: May 26th, 1987

Yes: 69.9%

No: 30.1%

Turnout: 44.1%

Attempt to revise the Treaty of Rome, it deepened integration and set a deadline for the single market.

The Maastricht Treaty: June 18th, 1992

Yes: 69.1%


Turnout: 57.3%

Began the process of a single currency, created European citizenship and a three-pillared European Union

Amsterdam Treaty : May 22nd, 1998

Yes: 61.74%

No: 38.26%

Turnout: 56.2%

Provided for enlargement and increased EU role in home affairs.

Nice Treaty I: June 7th, 2001

No: 53.87%

Yes: 46.13%

Turnout: 34.79%

Reformed decision making, revised voting powers , introduced a limit to commissioner numbers

Nice II: October 19th, 2002

Yes: 62.89%

No: 37.11%

Turnout: 49.47%

The main difference was a prohibition on Ireland entering an EU-wide defence policy without constitutional amendment.

Lisbon Treaty I: June 12th, 2008

No: 53.4%

Yes: 46.6%

Turnout: 53%

Aimed to centralise EU power, created a new post of president new powers for the parliament, and to harmonise legal systems.

Lisbon II : October 2nd, 2009

Yes: 67.1%

No: 32.9%

Turnout: 58%

Ireland given guarantees that the treaty would not affect taxation, neutrality and the right to life.