US man jailed for ramming mosque with car


A US man has been jailed for ramming a mosque six days after the September 11th attacks.

He has been given a five-year custodial sentence after admitting using his car to ram Ohio's largest mosque.

Prosecutors said the 29-year-old told police he was upset about the attacks.

Eric Richley, of Cleveland, pleaded guilty to burglary, ethnic intimidation and vandalism. He admitted driving a car up three steps and through two sets of doors of the Islamic Centre of Cleveland.

He smashed through a 3ft wall, knocked over three pillars and landed on a fountain.

Richley was in court in a wheelchair because of injuries suffered in the crash. He broke bones in his back and both feet.

He has denied the ramming was a case of ethnic or religious bigotry. He said he had been drinking at the time.

"I never meant to hurt them or anybody except myself," he told the judge.