Transcript of Willie O'Dea interview


The following is the relevant extract from the transcript of the interview between Limerick Chronicle and Limerick Leader journalist Mike Dwane (MD) and Willie O'Dea (WOD) on March 9th , 009. The reference to Noreen Ryan relates to a councillor who had left Fianna Fáil after giving evidence in a case in which Mr O'Dea was involved.

WOD: While occasionally we send out letters to planning applicants we have never been involved with anybody who shot anybody. or robbed banks, or kidnapped people. I suppose I'm going a bit too far when I say this
but I'd like to ask Mr Quinlivan is the brothel still closed?

MD: Is the brothel still closed?

WOD: Is the brothel still closed?

MD: What brothel `is that, Willie?

WOD: Do you know the brothel they found in his name and in his brother's name down in Clancy Strand?

MD: I never heard about that.

WOD: Did you not hear that? You better check with your sources. There was a house owned by him that was rented out and they found two ladies of the night operating in there in the last couple of weeks.

MD: Right. The other one I wanted to ask you about Willie was were you disappointed to see Noreen Ryan in the witness box?

WOD: I don't want to talk about that ...