Thousands of household tax letters sent in error


THOUSANDS OF people who have already paid the household charge are receiving letters claiming they have yet to do so.

The Local Government Management Agency, which is in charge of issuing letters to people who have yet to pay the charge, says it is still not sure how many people have received these letters in error.

At present, up to 2,000 of the 3,000 calls received daily by the agency are from people who received the letter but have already paid the €100 charge.

A spokesman said the error stemmed from local authorities being given files to review based on a matching exercise between the household charge database and the Property Registration Authority database.

Following a review of these files, the local authorities are sending letters to additional homeowners identified.

“Because of differences in the detail of some addresses, data isn’t always accurately matched so there are a number of cases where unfortunately some letters will go out in error,” he said. It is estimated that some 600,000 households have yet to pay the charge.

People who have received the letter in error are asked to call 1890-357357 or email