This week they said


I am firmly of the view that the goal here is voluntary independent self-regulation. I cannot, and will not, recommend another last chance saloon for the press Lord Justice Leveson in his report on British press regulation

This was a trust not just based on their client-solicitor relationship, but one built on a lifetime of shared experiences

Judge Mary Ellen Ring discussing the relationship between former judge Heather Perrin and the man she was found guilty of attempting to defraud, Thomas Davis

They never noticed in St Vincent’s

The words Dr John McKenna was reported to have said when challenged over falsifying blood results in March 2011. A Medical Council fitness-to-practise inquiry made no findings of professional misconduct against Dr McKenna

Ireland holds nothing for us. The experience in Ireland is very bad. The economy is in a terrible state. Banking is very bad. The national debt to GDP is worse than Greece

Solicitor Brian O’Donnell during a bankruptcy petition in London. Bank of Ireland is opposing the petition, as it is owed €71 million by the O’Donnell family

With a group of (non celeb) victims including Hillsborough families listening to PM. Buzzword is betrayal

Actor Hugh Grant tweets his response to David Cameron’s Leveson speech

We did manage as a Government to convert a good news story, which was the construction of a network of primary care centres, into a controversy and that’s not an achievement that I’m proud of but that’s what happened

Pat Rabbitte tries to put a positive gloss on the primary care centre scandal