TomTom Navigation


TomTom, Android ****

Most smartphones come with some sort of sat na, but not all have turn-by-turn navigation. TomTom has some tough competition on the Android platform from Google’s own mapping and navigation system, which is free, but there are some reasons to pay. If you’re already familiar with TomTom’s style and layout, the app is reassuringly similar. It’s not flashy, but it is clear – and it works. You get your speed readout, alerts and destination time as usual. Maps are downloaded to your device and stored locally so you won’t have to download them each time, or find yourself stranded if you lose data connection. You get access to local search and points of interest, and add-ons such as camera warnings and HD traffic, which gives you the fastest option around all the snarl-ups at rush hour. These cost more, but it’s nice to have the option. If you don’t have the latest Android smartphone, the app will work on your handset, as it’s compatible with everything from Android 2.2 up.