12 cert, Sony Computer Entertainment, PS3 ***

Long-promised PS Move title Sorcery has finally hit the shelves, but was it worth the wait? The core game hits many of the right notes, with a story that at least makes sense and a half-decent use of the motion controls. You take on the role of sorcerer’s apprentice Finn, a young boy who must master the art of magic to save his homeland from dark forces. Building up these skills is a bit of fun as you learn how to cast spells and conjure devastating attacks.

There are puzzles to solve as well as you make your way through the worlds, providing a nice respite from just blasting things. One drawback is the length of the game, and a real lack of replay-ability, both of which really let it down. Even ramping up the difficulty level, you will find this a short enough task. And with few options for gameplay, there isn’t really anything to keep gamers coming back. But overall, Sorcery is a fun game that showcases how PS Move can be used properly.