APP OF THE WEEK:Cert 12+, Musixmatch srl iOS (also Windows Phone 7, Android, Symbian) ****

Apps are useful things. Shazam, for example, will help you identify almost any song from a small snippet. You can go online through other apps – Deezer, iTunes – and either stream or buy the music you’ve just discovered. But what if you can’t quite get the lyrics? Then MusiXMatch app is right up your street. The app scans your music library and matches your tracks with its lyrics database. Then, as you play your tracks through its music player, the lyrics are displayed on screen. It’s the end of misheard lyrics and probably solves a few lyrical mysteries too.

This review was done on an iPhone – mainly due to the variety of music on it – but the app is also available for Android, Windows Phone 7 and Symbian. The results were fairly good. Out of 131 tracks, the app found lyrics for all but six. More obscure tracks are less likely to show up, of course, so if your taste in music veers more towards underground thrash metal, this may not be the best option.