Socialist Party ends its links with ULA


The United Left Alliance has had its Dáil representation reduced to three TDs following the decision by the Socialist Party to leave the left-wing political grouping.

The Socialist Party’s sole Dáil TD Joe Higgins, along with party colleagues, announced in a lengthy statement on Saturday night that they were withdrawing the party’s membership of the ULA.

The party accused other ULA TDs of having “moved away from a principled left position” as well as having “ditched the collaborative spirit”.

It also cited the damage caused by the manner in which the media had used Mick Wallace’s tax evasion and the close political connection between him and ULA TD Clare Daly, who resigned from the Socialist Party last year.

The statement also accuses Ms Daly and Joan Collins of the People Before Profit (PBP) Alliance of having intensified this political connection with Mr Wallace.

It accuses Ms Daly and Ms Collins of “consciously” choosing not to campaign on issues under the ULA banner.

The withdrawal of the Socialist Party follows the decision by the Workers and Unemployed Action Group and its TD Séamus Healy to leave the ULA last autumn in protest at the alliance’s dealings with Mr Wallace.