Postcard initiative aims to send ‘message of love and thanks’

Biodegradable cards can be planted directly in soil with message, ‘Just to say I care’

Postcards embedded with seeds are being delivered to people who did neighbours a good turn during the pandemic in an attempt to combat loneliness caused by Covid-19.

The biodegradable cards, administered free of charge by the Great Care Co-op in Dalkey, south Dublin, can be planted in pots or directly into the soil and are emblazoned with the message: "Just to say I care".

Danielle Neilson, a carer with the Great Care Co-op, said the initiative was about reaching out to the many people – particularly among older age groups – feeling lonely and isolated as a result of the pandemic.

“The intention is to send a message of gratitude to a loved one or neighbour that has been helpful or kind to you throughout the pandemic,” she said.


“The postcard can then be directly planted into the ground or into a pot and you can watch it grow into a living message of love and thanks, which can be nurtured and treasured.”

Ms Neilson said "anyone and everyone can get involved" and she urged people taking part to share images of the seeds sprouting and growing on the organisation's Facebook page.

“We need to build caring communities, and we want to be involved and do our part,” she added.