SF support for Ahern depends on the issues


ANALYSIS/Sinn Fein: Sinn Féin's vote in the Dáil on the position of Taoiseach would depend on the programme of the incoming government, according to the party chairman, Mr Mitchel McLaughlin. "We will decide that on the issues," he said.

After the last election, the party voted for Mr Ahern as Taoiseach, but subsequently its stance was decided on an "issue-by-issue" basis.

"Something similar is certainly very possible on this occasion," Mr McLaughlin said.

Asked about the vote for Taoiseach, the party's new TD for Dublin South-West, Mr Sean Crowe said, "We are going to call a meeting of our party activists and look at the options open for Sinn Féin."

He also pointed out that, like all Sinn Féin representatives in paid public positions, he would be receiving the average industrial wage, with the rest of his salary going into party funds in the constituency.