Young Scientist winners: Technology

Maria Louise Fufezan and Diana Bura of Loreto Secondary School have won the top prize at the BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition for their project looking at the damage being done to soil fertility by animal feeds.


BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition winners in the technology category.

Senior (Individual)

1. Colin McNelis

2. Alec O’Brien

3. Joshua Murray

Senior (Group)

1. Oran Donovan, Cian Donovan

2. Paul Sheridan,Daragh Meehan

3. Eoin Hayes, Adam Burke

Intermediate (Individual)

1. Stephen Cushen

2. Donovan Webb

3. Tierna Maguire

Intermediate (Group)

1. Ally Hobbs, Maeve Hamilton

2. Ciarán McDermott, Joseph Reidy

3. Leah Barry, Aine Upton, Muireann Tobin

Junior (Individual)

1. Aaron Speer

2. Cal Duncan

3. Alan Panayotov

Junior (Group)

1. Keelan Daye, Phin Godfrey

2. Deirdre Hughes, Alaidh Fox

3. Annie McSparran, Chloe Mitchell