Ryan hints at introduction of carbon tax


Minister for Energy Eamon Ryan has said the introduction of a carbon tax could take place later this year.

Speaking on RTÉ’s Morning Irelandhe said: “This year in very difficult circumstances we are going to have to look at a whole range of different systems.

“I think this year we will see the introduction of a carbon tax or indeed other interim measures that provide that sort of strategic directions”.

“The market, Irish householders and customers need a clear signal that we need to reduce our dependence on those supplies [fossil fuels] because ultimately they are finite and they are not going to be as easily available in 5 or 10 years time.

“I think the mechanism whether it’s through a carbon tax or through such a thing as a floor price, that’s the detail that can be agreed”.

“The reality is that’s going to happen,” he added.

The Minister also spoke of Ireland’s need to develop its own resources to provide an alternative stream of gas rather than relying on the UK.

He said the current gas row between Russia and the Ukraine is a real wake up call for the country.