Rapist sentenced to eight years for attack on student


Central Criminal Court:A man caught by gardaí raping a student in a laneway has been sentenced to eight years with three suspended.

The court heard that the woman had left her friends in a nightclub and was walking home when Hong Zhi Yang (23) took her into the laneway and raped her.

A person living in a nearby flat heard the woman’s screams, looked out the window and saw Hong attacking the victim. He told the man to get off her and contacted gardaí. Hong dragged the woman further up the lane and raped her.

Gardaí arrived on the scene minutes later and witnessed the attack.

Hong tried to run away, but was caught by gardaí.

Mr Justice Paul Carney commented: “The crime being dealt with has never before, to my knowledge, been committed by any members of the large Chinese community which has settled in this country.”