Quinns say IBRC claims 'pathetic'


The family of Sean Quinn has described as “sad and pathetic” comments by the chief executive of the former Anglo Irish Bank on the money owed by the Quinn Group to the bank.

The Irish Bank Resolution Corporation today announced a loss of €724 million in the first six months of the year as impairment charges remained high.

Its chief executive Mike Aynsley said the first six months of 2012 continued to present significant economic challenges for the bank.

The bank also denied it had a vendetta against Seán Quinn snr and his family.

“We don’t have a vendetta against anyone," Mr Aynsley told RTÉ Radio One . "Our job is to recover the money that is owed to us and we are just going about our business doing that."

In a statement, the Quinn family said it was “sad and pathetic” that Mr Aynsley was “trying to deflect attention” from the bank’s “appalling” interim accounts by commenting on the historical performance of the Quinn Group.

The bank was “fully aware of the enormous successes of the Quinn Group prior to the banks illegal lending to support its own share price”, the statement added.

“Mr Aynsley’s time would be better served justifying the enormous professional fees and salaries being incurred by the bank, not to forget his own salary of over €850,000, rather than defending the indefensible.”