Queen's and TCD in €1.4m cancer research project


QUEEN'S UNIVERSITY Belfast and Trinity College Dublin have joined in a research initiative to develop new treatments for the most dangerous forms of cancer. The €1.4 million effort will target types of the disease with low survival rates.

Details of the project were released yesterday. It is one of the first cross-Border projects of its type and will create about 12 research positions.

It follows a number of findings by Queen's, which has discovered potential biological targets against cancer cells. Trinity will make use of its computer modelling systems to design completely new drugs that can exploit these biological targets.

"Therefore, putting our medicinal chemistry expertise along with Trinity's expertise in computational chemistry will help ease a potential bottleneck in drug discovery across the island of Ireland, leading to new treatment options for those cancers with poor survival rates," stated Prof Dennis McCance, director of Queen's Centre for Cancer Research and Cell Biology.