Priest-father to keep his job, bishop declares


A PRIEST who has fathered two children can continue exercising his duties in the church, said Bishop Dante Sandrelli of the north-eastern diocese in Formosa.

The priest, Father Marcos Blanco, recently acknowledged he had fathered two children after their mother publicly declared as much at the end of a church service.

"Father (Blanco) is at this time undergoing a spiritual retreat, and he will decide if he wanted to continue performing his duties (as a priest)." Bishop Sandrelli said.

The bishop added that he would not be opposed if Father Blanco decided to "assume his obligations as the father of a family and as a priest."

A few weeks ago, Ms Mabel Medina took the microphone alter Mass and revealed that Father Blanco was the father of her two young children.

She said she went public to "express my pain" resulting from a decision by church authorities to move Father Blanco to another diocese. That she said, would leave her children "with no father." (AFP)

Pope John Paul yesterday issued a strong appeal for victims of kidnapping to be freed and prayed for their captors to mend their ways. - (Reuter)