Renua could hold balance of power, says Creighton

Creighton says Renua would not do any deal with Sinn Féin or Michael Lowry

Renua Ireland could hold the balance of power in the next government, leader Lucinda Creighton has said.

Ms Creighton was speaking as the party outlined its “red-line” issues that will not be sacrificed during any coalition negotiations.

She said Renua would not do any deal with Sinn Féin or Independent TD Michael Lowry.

Ms Creighton said: “I was delighted that after 13 opportunities the Taoiseach finally, 10 days later, ruled out coalition with Michael Lowry. That was important.


“We have to be wary of that, and I think that it is important there is a party that has unequivocally from day one said that we would not do business with Michael Lowry who has had such adverse findings made against him by a tribunal.”

The party has 26 candidates running across the country and has set a target of winning 10 seats.

Ms Creighton said she believed the party could mount a serious challenge, and would would not stay a small party for long.

She said the party would not be all things to all men like others.

The Renua leader added: “We are serious about this. We have put in a huge amount of work over the past two years to get to this point.

Mean business

“We have 26 candidates, we mean business. We intend to be in government.

“We believe we could have the balance of power after this election, and we will not abuse that like others have done in the past.”

The red-line issues include the establishment on a commission examining flat tax and to report within nine months.

Tax equality for the self-employed, a three-strike sentencing regime, ending the concept of Cabinet confidentiality and ending the housing crisis are also included in Renua’s priority list.