Michael Healy-Rae ‘flat to the mat’ in 2016 election song

Independent TD for South Kerry releases ‘Make the Diff’ song for election campaign

Independent TD for South Kerry Michael Healy-Rae has released quite a catchy 2016 election song entitled Make The Diff, encouraging people to vote for him.

The track is written and performed by local Kerry band Truly Diverse and includes lyrics such as “he’s flat to the mat with his black cap” and “he’s amazing”.

Unsurprisingly, Mr Healy-Rae said they “did a great job”.

The chorus invites us to “make the diff and vote him in, it’s Michael Healy-Rae”.

The YouTube clip is interspersed with images of Healy-Rae brandishing a shotgun, drinking Guinness, frightening a dog and speaking on Tonight with Vincent Browne.

He is not the first to kick off his election campaign with a dedicated tune of self-flattery.

Charlie Haughey did it back in 1981 with Arise and Follow Charlie, which included the lyrics: "He's kept the Country on the move. . . He'll help the Nation to improve."

Mr Healy-Rae’s final piece of advice is to “Make your vote and pray that he goes all the way, he’s flat to the mat with his black cap and there’s no time for tae”.