Nuns defer plans to close service for people with intellectual disabilities


The order of nuns running Cregg House, a Sligo-based facility for more than 200 people with intellectual disabilities, has deferred plans to withdraw from the service today, saying the HSE had made “no constructive effort” to find a replacement service-provider.

The future for the service users, many with serious intellectual disabilities, is unclear as the Daughters of Wisdom order has informed the HSE that the new deadline will be “no later than January 31st next”.

Order provincial Sr Jean Quinn, who last April issued a statement saying the order could no longer stand over the service because of a €1.3 million funding shortfall this year, has called for a “paradigm shift” in how disability services are provided.

Unions and the HSE have criticised the order, with the HSE saying it gave just three months notice last July of its intention to withdraw, a timeframe which was unacceptable and “inadequate for the complex transition required for this essential service”.

The Daughters of Wisdom described this claim as “disingenuous”, saying it had issued formal notice in July but had started discussions with the HSE on the “gross under-funding” of the service a year ago.

In a joint statement before an emergency meeting with management last Friday, the INMO and Impact said the order had not told staff of any plan which would ensure a safe and seamless transition of care from today.